How to Decide if French Drains are Right for You

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How to Decide if French Drains are Right for YouRainwater can be beneficial for a parched yard and landscaping, but when that rainwater can’t be absorbed properly or redirected away from the home, it can start to cause problems like standing water or flooding. One solution to such standing water is French drains. Here are some tips on how to decide if French drains are right for you.

Do you have standing water?

If you have drainage issues in your yard and often find puddles of mud and standing water after it rains, French drains could be a viable solution to eliminate the standing water. A French drain is essentially a pipe laid inside a trench in your yard to redirect any collecting water away from your home and yard.

Do you have a mosquito problem?

Mosquitos are often drawn to places with high amounts of moisture. You might have a drainage problem in your yard, even if you can’t see any noticeable puddles, if you’re starting to see a lot of mosquitos collecting around different spots in the yard. Once again, French drains can solve the moisture and mosquito issue by collecting and redirecting the water outside your yard.

Consider the investment

You might be thinking that French drains would be too much of an investment between having to dig a big trench in your yard and the cost of everything. The more important thing to consider, however, is how much you will be saving by preventing the standing water from flooding your basement or destroying your foundation. A French drain installation costs significantly less than having to redo the entire basement or fix the foundation.