Is Driveway Pressure Washing Safe for Your Driveway and Landscaping?

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Too often, pressure washing gets a bad reputation for damaging nearly any surface and harming any plants that get in the way. While it is true that pressure washing performed by unexperienced hands can have these negative effects, a more experienced crew with the right knowledge, methods, and equipment can still effectively pressure wash the dirty exterior surface without creating any damage or harming any plants.

Is Driveway Pressure Washing Safe for Your Driveway and Landscaping?

Here’s how we keep your driveway and landscaping safe with our driveway pressure washing services:

  • The right knowledge: When you leave the driveway pressure washing to a team of experts like ours at Foster’s Home Repair/Seamless Gutters, LLC, you can trust that we have the proper knowledge and training to properly handle a pressure washer and use just the right amount of pressure needed to clean your driveway without leaving any damage behind.
  • The right methods: Along with being well-trained, we know all the right methods for driveway pressure washing. If you only have a buildup of dirt and grime, we will likely use only water in the pressure washer. If you have more stains on your driveway, we might use a mild detergent, but it will still be safe for your plants and grass. We are also always careful to direct the highly pressurized water away from your landscaping to keep it perfectly unscathed.
  • The right equipment: Keeping your driveway and landscaping free from damage during a driveway pressure washing is also all about using the right equipment. We can use specialized nozzles that offer more control over the water and pressure, so we won’t be sending out harmful amounts of force through the nozzle.

As you can see, we are well prepared to take good care of your driveway and landscape while still leaving it sparkling clean. Give us a call if you would like to learn more about our pressure washing services.