Three Reasons French Drains Will
Benefit You

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French drains are a great solution for areas on your property that accumulate water and have difficulty draining. A trench will be dug under or near where the standing water is accumulating, allowing a place for the water to go. This ditch will be filled with gravel and/or stones and then finished off with an attractive top, like landscape rock or dirt with plants. Standing water near your home or in your grass can do a lot of damage and pose a serious problem. There are many benefits of french drains. Three reasons french drains will benefit you are:

Three Reasons French Drains Will Benefit You

  • Look Good – A french drain can easily be designed and installed in a way that most people wouldn’t even know it is there. The drain can be covered in attractive pebbles or a grate. This area can be enhanced with decorative shrubs or bushes.
  • No Standing Water – The biggest benefit of french drains is that they provide a place for standing water to go, so you are left with a dry and beautiful yard and home. This extra water can be channeled away from your home or other buildings to help prevent water damage and flooding.
  • Save Money – Repairs from water damage can be costly and stressful. Watching your grass that you paid substantial money for get ruined due to excess water is painful to see. Save your investments with french drains.

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